Jones & Pagitt, Emergent Manifesto of Hope

I got this book on a clearance table, which is always depressing for the authors :).  Tony and Doug are the heads of Emergent (thought emergent has no real head leadership) and edit this book by several different Christian leaders.  I have read or worked with most of the authors of the various chapters before, so it wasn’t radically life changing for me.  There were a couple chapters by brand new people to the emergent conversation though, so it was interesting.  This would definitely be a good way to get introduced to the Emergent organization if one had never read of it before.

On a different note, I found myself (and continue to) to be increasingly feeling comme ci, comme ca (you can google it) about Emergent.  It has made a great contribution to the church, but now the dominant voices seem bent on liberalism, entrepreneurship and especially pushing  homosexual agenda in the church.  Frankly, that stuff is boring and not much of a contribution from such a well educated bunch.  I’ll still be friends with Emergent, but I don’t think I care to buy the t-shirt.


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