Lent8: Samson, Justice in the Burbs

Justice in the Burbs is a book by Will and Lisa Samson about living justly and loving people while living in suburbia.  It’s a great little inside look into what life could look like, if one developed a passion for people in their neighborhood and in the urban centers.  Plus, it’s written partly as a story of a family who undergoes a transformation into agents of God’s justice – much more than church participants.  It’s a great book if this is something you’ve ever thought about, but never knew where to start.

Here’s some take-aways:

  1. p.36, “So what’s a church for? Really for?”
  2. p.46, “Yet as we mature, we must begin to see the Bible for what it is – the story of God’s faithfulness to a flawed, rough, often cruel people.  Sadly, we don’t often teach that to adults.”
  3. p.75, quoting Dr. Michael Pasquarello, “The distinctively American character of Finney’s popular, pragmatic program can be seen in his insistence that preaching must always be practical; that whatever cannot be made immediately useful is not preaching the gospel.”
  4. p.80, the meditation by Claudia Burney is simply stellar.  I can’t type it all here, but it is stellar.
  5. p.107, “According to one recent study, there is a significant relationship between being Christian in America and being overweight.”
  6. p.93, “John Wesley…preached sermons and expressed very public statements against employers who paid their workers in moonshine.  Today many who attend churches in the tradition of Wesley – United Methodist, Wesleyan, Free Methodist [and my denomination!] – tend to be teetotalers.  this practice can be traced directly back to Wesley’s campaign.”

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