Lent 4: Chan, Forgotten God

Last year I read Francis Chan’s first book, Crazy Love.  It was super moving.  This is his second book, on the Holy Spirit, , and it is much more of and inspirational theology.  I liked it a lot, but it wasn’t as epic for my life as Crazy Love (which is a silly evaluation, I know).  Admittedly, the Holy Spirit is the member of the Trinity who always does the unexpected crazy stuff – he’s impossible to control – so I’ve always been a bit suspicious.  The Holy Spirit loves to have a good time…but I never know when and where – He just goes nuts whenever and wherever he feels like it.

On the other hand, that’s what I love about the Holy Spirit!

Here’s some take-aways:

  1. p.56, “This is why orthodox (as in ‘committed to exegetical living’) and radical (as in ‘willing to do whatever and go wherever the Spirit leads, even if it doesn’t make sense’) community is vital to living lives that comply with the leading of the Holy Spirit.”
  2. p.60, Instead of creating a marketing strategy for the church, get the members to live like Christians – for real.  The newspaper will write stories about their radical lives that will be better than any marketing campaign.
  3. p.84, “Why do you want to be healed?  Why do you want to stay on this earth?”
  4. p.110, “After all, Jesus merely walked beside the disciples; the Spirit would actually enter their human bodies (John 14:17).”
  5. p.121, “Nowhere in Scripture do I see a ‘balanced life with a little bit of God added in’ as an ideal for us to emulate.”
  6. p.143, “[God] cares most about the faithfulness, not the size, of His bride.  He cares about whether people are lovers of Him.  And while I might be able to get people in the doors of a church or auditorium if I tell enough jokes or use enough visuals, the fact remains that I cannot convince people to be obsessed with Jesus.  Perhaps I can talk people into praying a prayer, but I cannot talk anyone into falling in love with Christ.”
  7. p.161, “My hope and prayer for you, the reader, is that church people don’t try to normalize you.”
  8. At The Grove we say, ‘no perfect people allowed’, perhaps we should add, ‘no normal people allowed’ because we want to help people be extraordinary!!

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