Lent 3: Hybels, Axiom

In my new role as a multi-staff church planter, I have a whole new realm of books that I am reading and appreciating in new ways.  One great example is my third lent book, Axiom by Bill Hybels (from Willow Creek in Chicago).  This is a book I have also chosen for the ELI program at the Grove for young leaders’ development.  This book was stellar, and I underlined way to much to share here.  If you are a leader in a ministry context, pick it up!

Here’s my best take-aways:

  1. p.18, “…words really do matter.  And leaders must pay the price to choose the right ones, because when they do, the payoff is huge.”
  2. p.85, a great question for identifying servants and leaders is ‘who is carrying this organization’s DNA?’
  3. This is a book that would be great for leaders to read through in the 10 minutes before staff meetings.  Things would definitely improve.
  4. p.147, “…I don’t want to launch something unless I have a strong sense that we can build it, resource it, and sustain it over the long haul.”
  5. p.211, “When something goes wrong, board members, staff members and other onlookers want to see which leader will take responsibility for it.  This is the leader they will respect.  That is the leader they will follow.”

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