Lent 2: Bell, Velvet Elvis

My second lent book was Velvet Elvis, by Rob Bell.  Bell had been a huge encouragement to me in the last few years.  His books tend to give me permission to ask difficult questions and honestly wrestle with responses.

This is the third or fourth time through this book (Here’s my thoughts after my second time through).  This time I read it as a part of the Emerging Leaders Initiative at The Grove (a group of young people who are being trained for future leadership and serving roles in the local church).

Here’s my take-aways:

  1. p.11, “Jesus took part in this process by calling people to rethink faith and the Bible and hope and love and everything else, and by inviting them into the endless process of working out how to live as God created us to live.”
  2. p.14, “If it’s true, then it isn’t new.”
  3. p.115, “I had this false sense of guilt and subsequent shame because I believed deep down that I wasn’t working hard enough.  And I believed the not-working-hard-enough lie because I didn’t function like a superpastor, who isn’t real anyway.”
  4. p.120, “anybody can quit.  that’s easy.”
  5. p.166, “We reclaim the church as a blessing machine not only because that is what Jesus intended from the beginning but also because serving people is the only way their perceptions of church are ever going to change.”

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