Sunday Night Live, December 27, 2009

What a great day! What a great weekend!  What a great week!  What a great year!

Today was the final Sunday of oh-nine for The Grove and it was a fitting end to our year.  Grove peeps are hardcore – a little weather couldn’t keep them away!  Here’s some randomizations from the past week:

  • there was a great crowd of people at the Grove today!  Traditionally, attendance is down on the week between Christmas and New Year’s but the crowd today was there at The Grove.  We had a bit of ice on the ground, but someone put out some salt and I think there was a big truck blocking the way that was really icy.  I couldn’t tell whose it was from inside but I was pumped to see people taking action and helping each other out.
  • We had to adjust the children’s ministry this morning.  The leader was away and then the sub had be be away and then the sub’s sub got really sick.  I bet there was a third grader that God really wanted to speak to through the worship service!
  • It’s fun over Christmas break not having to do as much loading in and out too.  The school has been a huge blessing for us and it’s been a super environment for people to be at church, but not feel stuffy.
  • Preached on Jesus going to the Temple at age 12.  Good stuff on submission and living in the way of Jesus.
  • My favorite thought today (though it was not the main one) was to make a new year’s resolution to not be the superstar, but to just be obedient and submissive to God.
  • I love watching the Grove Band lead worship.  They lead worship like they would be worshiping even if nobody else was there.  It’s great.
  • Christmas Eve service at The Grove was HUGE!  277 people joined in!  We also gathered $2077.77 to give away to local organizations that fight poverty, help the homeless, give shelter and care to child victims of abuse and care for women who have been victims of domestic violence and assault.  Amazing ways that God is giving the Grove to love our city!
  • Went sledding on top of the mountains yesterday, so we’re exhausted today!

Got a good week coming up too.  A bit of admin and stuff for the new year, loads of emails in the in box, year end reviewing and 1,000 pages of reading to do to hit my goal for the year…should I?


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