Thielman, Philippians

I read Frank Thielman’s commentary on Philippians from The NIV Application Commentary series to help with my sermon preparation this fall.  I love the NIV App. Commentaries because they look at the text, attempt to make a bridge to today’s world and give possible applications.  Sometimes they focus on something totally different than what I feel led to focus on, but they have a load of good material in them.

I’d never heard of Thielman either.  He’s from Beeson and I figured it would be good to get a perspective from someone I’d never read before.

The best quote is in the introduction, “How can people who worship in cathedrals named after Saint Paul, he [Paul, if visiting today’s world] might wonder, understand that God advanced the gospel through the apostle’s imprisonment and the Philippians’ persecution? (15)

pages read= 245 ~ year to date= 7426 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (83%)


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