MacArthur, Philippians

I read John MacArthur’s commentary on Philippians from his MacArthur New Testament Commentary series (over 1 million sold in this series! according to the book jacket).  I chose it for it’s quality commentary while balancing being technical and practical in a way that was helpful to me.  It was a bit Calvinist, but what do you expect!

I appreciated the thoroughness of MacArthur’s commentary.  He created the book in a way that you could just read a particular section and get everything you needed for that passage.  Reading through it, though, and you see quite a bit of repetition.  I also noticed that he sometimes would hit a passage with a few possibilities for interpretation and he would say what the most likely answer was and not always give support for his opinion.

It’s a good commentary, especially good for people who like MacArthur already.

pages read= 318 ~ year to date= 7181 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (80%)


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