Obama, The Audacity of Hope

I find American politics so fascinating.  Since I grew up in another country with a different political system I am just amazed at how America runs itself and how the different rules have developed.  Things like the electoral college or the party politics in nominating supreme court justices continue to baffle me.  On top of it all, the frustration many people because of the basic system of having only 2 viable parties – and when a thrid party emerges it serves only to hinder one of the two major parties (this is why I think the smartest party will secretly start a third-party as an offshoot of the other party, in order to cripple their influence.  It’s the only way more parties could possibly emerge.  Well, that or if California succeeds.)

So, I read Barak Obama’s book to learn more about the man who is running the country.  He’s quite a polarizing figure – people either love him, hate him or are completely apathetic (I can tell you which by which television news channel is on in their homes :).

All that to say, his book is pretty normal.  It’s part hopeful dreams, part sharing of his life and part laying out of his party platform.  There were parts where I learned a lot, parts where I was bored and parts where I was inspired.

Still, he doesn’t have my vote.  But nobody does.  At least not until I pass that citizenship test.  Then I just have to make sure not to vote for the sly branch party which has been secretly set up by the opposition.

pages read= 364 ~ year to date= 6558 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (73%)


2 thoughts on “Obama, The Audacity of Hope

  1. You come into our country and think you can free go about reading our yankee propaganda? The shame.

    His next book should be called the Audacity of Canuckleheads.

    But anyway, I read it and found Amway literature more inspiring. He has a good story to tell. He is in a self-defeating situation. He has tatooed “American Savior of Healthcare” across his chest which is just a no-win battle. He would have an easier time pushing round bacon in to the hearts and minds of God fearing, red-blooded Americans and making it stick.

    Would it be cheating if I told you the answer to question 27 of the citizenship exam? The answer is two nuns and a dwarf. Its a question to weed out the undesirables and the Goths.


  2. LOL!! best comment ever: “You come into our country and think you can free go about reading our yankee propaganda? ”

    And, I think you hit it on the head that he’s in a no-win battle. That seems to happen a lot to whoever the president is. I’m glad I can never have his job!


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