Monday Morning Live December 7, 2009.

Been a couple weeks since I did a weekend in review because I’ve had stuff scheduled on Sunday nights.  So, here’s the rundown of my weekend:

  • Sunday was great at the Grove.  We broke out the first Christmas song.  It was a new one by Tomlin though, so it didn’t drag.  Christmas carols are hard to pep-up without becoming awkwardly dorky.  So, this song worked really well for the Grove Band.
  • Once again we had 3 brand new families (and a couple more that didn’t fill out cards) and a couple second time guests.  Altogether there were 222 people at The Grove this weekend.Can you believe it?
  • In our staff meeting today we started discussing storage options because our trailers are full but we have a couple ministries that would be helped if we could have more storage space.  So, we’re looking at options and thanking God for such a fantastic problem!
  • This week’s sermon was on Philippians 4:1-9.  Super practical stuff for finding peace in our minds, our hearts and in our relationships.
  • I still have more than 400 songs in my queue.
  • Sunday night we had our first Grove New Peeps Dessert.  It was really fantastic.  We have some amazing people who are connecting to The Grove and finding truth and a really fantastic relationship with Jesus through the Grove’s ministries.  Amazing job by Tina in setting it all up.  
  • I’m twittering a picture of the cool gift box that Tina put together for everyone who was there.
  • The Grove has gotten involved with South Shore school to help out some kids who aren’t set-up financially to have the kind of Christmas that many people in our church are.  The response has been amazing!  Up to last Saturday the Grove family had “adopted” 25 kids – and we had only put it up on grovebook and facebook
  • My working definition of a Grover: brave, courageous, compassionate, motivated and following Jesus with all that in them!
  • Up for this week:  Iverson re-joins the 76ers at 4 PST, going to the first Grove Fusion group tonight, then leading the college group late tonight.  Then a webinar tomorrow.  Plus I’ve got a stack 6 inches tall of books I need to clear out this week.  Good stuff.

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