Each week the local paper lets a local pastor write a small article for the religion section.  It’s way way in the back of the paper.  This week I got the chance.  You only get 150-200 words, but there really is no limit on what you can write.  I’ve never read what any of the other pastors have written so I have no idea what to make.   The general rule for me is if god gives you a platform, give it back to Him. So I wrote about Jesus and I’m hoping that it encourages people to consider Jesus this Christmas.  I hope you’ll join me in praying the same way.

Here’s what I handed in, when it gets published we’ll put a link up:
I don’t sleep much on Christmas Eve.  When I was a child it was in anticipation for the gifts under the tree that would have my name on them.  Today it’s in anticipation of the reaction my kids will have when they open the gifts with their names on them.  In giving to others I am blessed with a joy and a peace that can only be from God.

I wonder if this is what God felt like on the first Christmas Eve.  As Mary and Joseph searched Bethlehem for a place to stay, was God giddy with excitement because he knew the gift they were about to receive?  This most amazing gift of God was the birth of his son, Jesus.  God expressed unmeasurable love for us by sending us his Son, that we would be able to know God and have a relationship with him.

As we turn our collective attention toward the holidays this year, I hope that you find joy in giving to others and in so doing, experience even a small measure of the love that God has for you in Jesus.


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