Sunday Night Live, November 15, 2009

Another great week at The Grove!  It’s so much fun to see new faces every week and begin to see some familiar faces too.  Our little church is really starting to get in a groove… looking forward to a great Christmas season and an amazing season on growth in 2010!

Here’s some highlights from today:

  • The first announcement for the women’s retreat was today.  The women are always so energetic – I would go to the retreat if I was a woman just based on how excited the ladies who’ve been are.  There must be something awesome going on if everybody comes back so amped!
  • We’re joining with South Albany for the women’s retreat this year.  We’re not sure if this is a permanent thing or not, but I’m happy that old friends will be able to re-connect and share in the great stories of God’s work in planting The Grove.
  • The band was off the chain this week.  This is my first official off the chain of the band.  They are going to force us to get some decent recording equipment and write some songs so we can share the joy with others.
  • I don’t know if it was just me noticing, but there were a lot of young people helping put away chairs this week.  How cool is it when elementary aged kids can participate in such an important way.  I loved it!
  • We had a little more than 200 people again!  Who would have thought we could double up the launch team!  I know it was a goal of mine, but to see it really happen reinforces the convictions and calling that God has given to The Grove.
  • There were 50 kids elementary age and under that checked in today!  What an amazing privilege we have to help shape the future of the church in these kids; we’ve got to continue to pray for rising generations, that God will work through them in even greater ways than we can imagine!
  • The Grove collected about 30 boxes for Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Child gifts!  I couldn’t believe my eyes to see the huge pile of shoe boxes at the front today.  I heard one family even rushed out of church because they forgot their box and wanted to make sure it was included.  The Grove is so motivated to contribute to the gospel all over the world – watch out world!
  • Preached on humility today from Philippians 2:1-11.  This passage is so layered in theology that it’s easy to want to do 17 sermons for these 11 verses.  I really tried to move us in a direction of understanding how to live The Good Life, which is a humble life.
  • In the original greek the word “bowels” appears in the passage.  I decided to omit that because too many Grovers would giggle.  And would only be able to think about bowels whenever I mentioned being humble.  Nevertheless, I also pray that Grovers will have humble bowels this week.
  • Don’t you love being around people who make you feel important?  I hope that people begin to feel that way about being a part of The Grove.  Not in a fake smile and handshake way – but in a real, genuine expression of love.  I pray that The Grove will be blessed with people who are able to live radically humble lives!
  • This week coming up I’ve got basketball, doctor appointments, meetings and more!  Should be another full week.
  • Looking forward to going to the Beaver Basketball game next Saturday – compliments of the awesome Tina and Cory.  I think LJ is looking forward to it like it’s Christmas!

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