Sunday Night Live, November 8, 2009

Today the Grove set-up team worked in the rain for the first time.  We’ve been blessed to get the kinks out of our system in the sunshiny Oregon weather and it’s paying off now that winter is here.  Today was just a fantastic day at The Grove – there was a real sense of passion and conviction in the worship and in response to the teaching.  The community is growing – growing together, growing spiritually and growing bigger!

Here’s a rundown of what’s up!

  • Preached today on the second half of Philippians 1.  I do believe there were 4 full teachings in there, but I want to finish up this book by the end of the year.  Today we focused on Christ being above all else – over our situation, our enemies, our life, our death and our suffering.  Just all the big stuff.
  • I still spell Philippians wrong half the time.  Why didn’t Paul write letters to Troy?
  • There were like 5 first time people/families who filled in cards this week.  Even more who I met but we didn’t get a card from.  And a couple more people decided to return a second time.
  • One of my favorite conversations right now is when people  talk to me about how the environment/message/people/location/etc. of The Grove is exactly what they need in order to meet God and hear from Him.  The conversations sound different all the time, but every time I see God working.
  • My second favorite thing about The Grove right now is how diverse it is.  We have all sorts of different people gathering – moms, dads, grammas, grandpas, kids, teens, young singles, engaged couples.  There are police and sheriff officers, firefighters, artists, poets, homemakers, businessmen, skaters (that’s me), indie rockers, students, industry workers, tradesmen, sales people, Christians and loads of unbelievers who are trying to find what they’ve been looking for, for so long, but (maybe) didn’t even know it.  The diversity on a Sunday morning is just so awesome because early on in planning for The Grove we got rid of our “target audience demographic” and just decided to be real, meaningful, significant and relevant.  So you can wear jeans or a suit – and you will fit in (and be comfortable) at The Grove.  You can just be you – and be welcome with us.
  • There were about 200 people who joined in at The Grove this morning.  Fantastic!  Only like 30,000 more people in Albany to reach!
  • College football on Saturday was exceptional.  Really fun SEC and PAC-10 games.  I wish I could have DVR’d the Texans game today.  They are getting much better this year.
  • My friend Andrew is blogging!
  • My new favorite twitter feed: @jessebdylan  – he finds AMAZING links on the web!
  • This week we have loads of meetings and conversations that are going to be happening – I’m almost done a whole book that covers historical views of the atonement.  Rough, slow reading – but every other chapter is amazing me!  Looking forward to walking through this week – no matter how deep it gets!
  • Finally, Go Team Tiger Force!

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