Reading Redux

So, a “specified day for reading specific books” schedule sounds like it would work, and for most normal pastors it probably would.  Since I am a planting pastor, it doesn’t work at all.  This past month I learned that well.  In part because my schedule is driven by rapid change and quick growth right now, and in part because my days are rarely normal right now.

So I’m going to apply smart pastors rule number 76: If a system is not delivering the desired results the choice is to change the system or look ridiculous.  (poor leaders work harder in a bad system which hurts them and those under their charge – smart leaders admit the bad system, take blame and move forward which builds trust and increases efficiency and effectiveness.  of course, this is a whole different post…)

Anyways, I’m going to go with a changed reading schedule where i will read enough pages each month to hit the goal.  And, I’m going to include a certain number of pages each month from my chosen bible to read through in that year.  This year it’s been my copy of the Message (but my record sheet was accidentally tossed, so I’m sure I’m not going to properly complete it, but I’ll forgive myself), I’m thinking ESV next year?

So, to catch up to my 2009 goal of 9,000 pages, we’re going to do 1763 pages in November and again in December.  I’ll choose the books at the beginning of the month, so that I can chose a variety of subjects and viewpoints.

Here’s November:

  1. The Message: all the NT letters (~200 pages)
  2. Ignite by Nelson Searcy, assigned through Coaching Network with Searcy (200)
  3. Taylor, Principles of Pastoral Success (173)
  4. McManus, Chasing Daylight (260)
  5. A leadership book by a politician (364) (I’ll blog on it later)
  6. Hauerwas, Performing the Faith: Bonhoeffer and the Practice of Nonviolence (241) – this one has footnotes, which I much prefer to endnotes.  So much better!
  7. Coupland, The Gum Theif (275)

for a little more than 1700 pages.  I guess I won’t be watching much NBA on TNT.


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