Sunday Night Live, November 1, 2009

What a great day it’s been in sunny Oregon!  We got to see both the Oregon football teams win this weekend and had a safe and fun Hallowe’en. One got to be Snake Eyes, which there were many – we even razzed a Storm Shadow kid as we drove by.  Well, ok, I rolled down the window and yelled out for LJ.  We also had a little firefighter.  It was so much fun to have people say, “Ohh a fireman” and then notice it was a girl and say, “uhhhh….. fireperson?”  Then we got to feel all good about ourselves when we corrected them, firefighter.  Fun at every single house!

  • Had to leave the kids at home this week though, they’ve been fighting off little colds.  Many, many people were away this weekend – about halfe the launch team was absent – so we’re praying with them for health in our town!
  • We had 8 first time families at The Grove this weekend.  This is really great for a church our size.  Plus, Darrell has calculated that we are having about 50% of people who try out The Grove on a Sunday morning come back again!  This is an amzing blessing – our coaching network taught us that a 20% return rate is really high – I love the whole Fusion system that has been put in place.  It’s helping all sorts of people find a church that is really meaningful to them – with people, worship and teaching that makes sense in their real lives.
  • We’ve continued ramping up our online children’s check-in system.  We now have cards for your wallet (just like safeway, albertson’s or the library) so you can just swipe and check your kids in.  It’s speeding the lines right up, while still providing great security.
  • Started a new teaching series on Philippians today.  We’re looking at the church plant from Philippi after 10 years to see how they had grown, but still had growing to do.
  • Starting a new series means a load of research to help contextualize the stories, so this past week was busy with research.  We are carrying this series through to the end of the year, so it makes it well worth the effort for the congregation.
  • Thought we had fixed the sermon recording problems.  Didn’t.  It won’t be able to be up this week.
  • Today’s message was about loving more, but only doing so by drawing close to God.  You can’t love well apart from God.  Be close to God and love comes naturally.
  • Looking forward to this week.  Heather is getting better so I may be able to move back into my bedroom – not that sleeping on the couch for two weeks isn’t awesome.  I’ve avoided illness so far – I’m going to go take another Vitamin C to celebrate!

One thought on “Sunday Night Live, November 1, 2009

  1. Celebration is definitely in order!!
    Too bad about the message recording thing not working. These are really worth listening too. J…you got some comments today from people appreciating the research to make the whole thing make sense historically/culturally. So…I’ll say thanks…for them!


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