Not even chocolate covered bacon?

When I went to Houston in 2002 I got to attend Joel Osteen’s little church.  I wanted to go because I was so impressed with Osteen’s hand motions while he preached.  He is so efficient and purposeful in his gesturing.  His theology, on the other hand, is straight whack.

Here’s the best little clip of his that I have ever seen:

I guess there won’t be much demand for bacon burgers at the next church picnic…


2 thoughts on “Not even chocolate covered bacon?

  1. ok. I love your talks at the grove I was rumaging through your blogs. I’m new and Anyhoow, came across this vid about pigs. And I was compeled to let you know the truth…I grew up on a big pig farm. We had upwares of 500 head of swine at a time & totaly family run until my father got sick/ dies in 86. Pigs are extreamly smart. They will not eat anything. They don’t eat poop unless starved. My dog,horses,and even cows have been known to eat there feces just because! Even young pigs have a spot in there pen that is there toliet. They only do the yuk things he spoke of if people over croud them and inbreed them. Its sad they get a bab wrap. Also they roll in mud cuz they burn easy(sunscreen) and they have no sweat glands. So it cools then, like elaphants do. I have never ever the 18 yrson the farm saw a sow eat her dead babies! I get that long ago pork if noy cooked correct could make you sic… But really dude, check your facts. Ok. I’m done. Sorry for rantn at ya. But I did enjoy christmas ans today! See you next sun. ‘LW’


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