Sunday Night Live, October 25, 2009

Our town took a bit of a hit this week as a huge plant, which employees almost 1% of our population is closing before Christmas.  It seems like the recession is getting out to our valley a little later than other parts of the country.  Praying for families to be able to work again.  I know we’re to be dependent on God, not on our jobs, but that doesn’t make it easy to walk through times like these.  On top of this, loads of people in our town are ill right now – including Heather!    This made for an interesting week for us, especially since we had one or two appointments every day and the kids had a four day weekend.  Looking forward to getting back to routine.  Here’s some highlights from our weekend at The Grove:

  • Saturday afternoon a lot of families from The Grove went out to a local pumpkin patch.  It was a pretty fun time.  Super packed though – it took a couple of hours in the line to get on the wagon and go get a pumpkin – which is alright for us, but it was torture for the kids.  Got a few great pumpkins though and we are snacking on the seeds as I write this.
  • Saturday night roots (The Grove student ministry) went up to Portland to enjoy a corn maze.  Cool to see them building relationships and having fun together.
  • We were kid-less this weekend so I got to be at NAMS early and help with the set-up.  The men and women who help each week with setting up the church are awesome!  It really is an awesome time – everyone is smiling and happy – excited to be together and to see what God has for us today!
  • There were so many people at The Grove today!  The total count I heard was 221!  The church is adding 20 people every week!  At this rate we’ll be adding a new service every three months!  There were many brand new families and people who came back also.
  • Another bonus is the 30something kids that were in GroveKids!  They bring a lot of energy to our worship – I love that children are full on participators in worship, right from preschool!
  • I love that I am recognizing people who have joined to The Grove this month.  Now that we are a month in, there are many people who were brand new, who are now part of the  Grove family!  It’s really a great thing to see.  We’re also seeing lots of parents of young families visit – they are always so encouraging.
  • The band did a really great job this morning.  If you didn’t see Heather around, it’s because she had a fever and spent all her time backstage so that she wouldn’t pass it on to anyone.  Great job bringing energy to the worship though!
  • The sermon today took a lot of work – lots of reading and research so that I could give a solid teaching.  The topic was New Heaven and New Earth.  How this whole experience ends and what happens next is a very large subject, so it was hard to pare it all down into something meaningful that would inspire, encourage and challenge people.    It came off well though – tons of theology up front, with practical meaning and application: what you believe about the beginning and the ending really do matter in the everyday life you live!
  • The audio recording messed up again today.  We’ve been using a computer and the program thinks it is smarter than the tech guys so it is making changes on its own.  So, we’ll be dropping the money to buy a recorder that works.  The audio recording is important for two reasons: first, since we have one service it gives the children’s volunteers a chance to be a part of the teaching.  Secondly, the tech guys use their skills to capture the teaching and send it all over the world – overflowing the ministry of The Grove.  One Grover actually email out links to people they know who they think would benefit from the recordings.
  • It was also a special moment for me (and Darrell I’m sure) when the church did a little pastor appreciation month presentation for us.  I love our church – I absolutely do.  They are great, great, great people.  Thanks church!!

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