Sunday Night Live October 18, 2009

Another great Grove day!  Here’s some highlights:

  • Had like 4 families of  first time guests and 10 second time!  Having people come back for a second time is pretty reassuring!  It means they checked The Grove out and it was a great experience for them so they were willing to return.  Not everyone who has checked us out has come back again!  Thankful for every person that God brings to us!
  • 194 people were a part of church this morning!  That’s 224, 176 and 194 for the first three weeks!
  • On Saturday morning Darrell and I attended a small groups intensive training seminar (and The Grove’s small groups are going to be revolutionary – we are going to do things that aren’t the norm that you are all going to love!) and they asked how many people our church averages.  I said we’ve met twice so far so the average is 200.  The whole room was like, WHAT!  I told them we had 100 people on the launch team.  And then I realized the Grove has grown a little in the past 4 weeks!
  • Our online (Grovebook) software originally had about 160 people inputed into it.  In the past four weeks that number has doubled.
  • Let me say that again – the number of people connected to The Grove has doubled in 4 weeks.  Doubled.
  • We had to add more seats to the back again this week.  Our set-up guys are doing an excellent job of creating a room that feels like “Everyone came to The Grove today” without having people feel “they are too full to fit me”.
  • On that note, the set-up and tear down is going so much smoother.  A little experience goes a looooong way in this department.  I love seeing brand new people to The Grove pitching in too, making this church their church!
  • The Grove band is really hitting its stride.  Their song catalog is growing and you can tell they are getting more comfortable with the music.  As they get more comfortable they are also becoming more and more free to simply worship God – and their enthusiasm is infectious.
  • Continued the “Brand New” series today with a message on Brand New You from Ezekiel 36.  Great stuff.  The MP3 is online already.
  • This afternoon’s Grove bowling party was just outstanding.  Tina and Cory did a great job organizing that.
  • There were 5 people in the Hernandez family at bowling.  3 of them won door prizes!
  • I scored 142, my lifetime second best.  I didn’t win!  Jenn Beard beat me by 2 points!!  It was so much fun.
  • One of the big, big highlights for me at bowling was seeing members of the launch team reaching out and developing relationships with brand new Grovers.  That is so amazing.  Well, it’s amazing for regular people to go outside their comfort zones, but for Grovers it’s just kinda normal.
  • Fun day of NFL football.  I love watching games in the snow and I love games in domes.  I didn’t get to watch a whole game, but the bits I saw was fun.
  • I finally taught myself to ollie on a skateboard today.  It’s a big day.  My son thinks I am amazing still!  We’re looking forward to hitting the skatepark this week when school it out.  We’re going early in the morning before it gets a little to dangerous for LJ to be in there with the bigger guys.

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