Malphurs & Stroope, Money Matters in Church

This is a book that was assigned through my coaching network with Nelson Searcy.  It’s for sure not the kind of book anyone like me picks up for inspiration.  Nevertheless, this is an amazing book for pastors wanting to develop themselves and their churches in regards to money.

First off, the book is a really easy read.  Malphurs and Stroope do a great job of getting details into the pages without being tedious.  When more information would be helpful they have wonderful references and sources that readers are encouraged to go to.

Secondly, they lead off with theology and they refuse to take the easy answer.  The authors do an outstanding job of observing the Scripture and apply a sound hermeneutic that will help pastors develop a strong and orthodox theology of stewardship.

Here’s 10 take-aways:

  1. p.15, there are basically 5 factors that influence people’s choices with their money and their church.
  2. p.31, giving money to support the church is a privilege that people genuinely want to enjoy. The role of leadership is to help people enjoy their financial role – not beat them up and guilt people.
  3. bulletin inserts are the worst way to communicate anything.  The worst.  How many bulletin inserts are killing trees this weekend?
  4. p.48, great story about taking an offering at the Christmas Eve service that will fund the benevolence fund for the next year.
  5. develop a percentage based budget for the church
  6. churches would do well to have about 1 month’s expenses in a fund to ensure ministry can continue effectively in any emergency circumstances.
  8. p.85, the church can be elder led and staff managed.  Seems both biblical and practical in current western culture.
  9. The last quarter of the book is all about running a capital campaign.  Not particularly useful for me right now, but will be in the future.
  10. p.154, set up a victory goal, challenge goal and a miracle goal for capital campaigns.  It’s a great encouraging idea.

pages read= 203 ~ year to date= 5474 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (61%)


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