Rice, The Road to Cana

I just discovered Ann Rice’s books this year, through the bargains to be found at my local Goodwill store.  How great books keep ending up at my local Goodwill I have no idea.  I sure do love that though!

In this book Jesus is almost 30 years old and Rice explores the adult relationships of Christ, temptations he may have faced, his baptism, subsequent temptation by Satan, the beginnings of gathering the disciples and the wedding in Cana.  I love reading fictional accounts of Christ to gain new perspectives – ideas that I’ve never had before.  This book is fantastic for this!  Rice is very creative, while staying very faithful to Scripture and research.

Here’s a couple quotes I loved (just to note, the book is written in first person, as if Jesus was writing his own memoirs, so the quote are Jesus’ thoughts and words):

  • p. 170, “I didn’t want sleep.  I feared sleep.  I wanted peace, I wanted the day to come so I could walk, I wanted the rain to keep falling so that it would blot out every sound in this room, every spoken word.’
  • p.245, to Satan, “It’s I who’ve come to stop you!” I responded.  “It’s I  who’ve come to reveal that your despair is a fraud! I’m here to tell one and all that you are no Ruler, and never were, that in the great scheme of things you are no more than a filthy brigand, a thief on the margins, a scavenger circling in impotent envy the camps of men and women!  And i will destroy your Fabled rule, as I destroy you – as I drive you out, stamp you out, blot you out – and not with hulking armies in baths of blood, not with the raging smoke and terror you so crave, not with swords and spears dripping with broken flesh.  I will do it be family, by camp, by hamlet and village and town.  I will do it at the banquet tables in the smallest rooms and greatest mansions of cities.  I will do it heart by heart.  I will do it soul by soul”  Yes, the world is ready.  Yes, the map is drawn.  Yes, the Scripture goes forth in the common language of the world.  Yes.  And so I go on my way to do it, and you have struggled here once more – and forever – in vain.”
  • p.259, to Mary Magdalane after casting demons out, “Mary,” I said to her again, and I reached for her hand.  “Look.  The world is new.  You see?” / Faint smile / “I see it, Rabbi,” she said.
  • p.298, to James, “James, don’t you understand what I want?  Look into the faces of those around you who saw the wine come from the jar.  I want an innovation that will ignite the world.  That wine is no less than the blood inside my veins.  I come to bring the Face of the Lord – to the whole wide world.”

pages read= 321 ~ year to date= 5271 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (59%)


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