Sunday Night Live

Another amazing week at The Grove.  I met another bunch of brand new folks.  Today was the second week of our Brand New Series: Brand New Cross.  The cross is the worst news ever and the most wonderful news ever – what a mix of emotions we feel!

  • Observed our first communion at The Grove today.  Set up 3 stations on our new table sized carts so there was a good flow and a sweet vibe as people observed the broken body and the blood of our Savior.  Great job by Tina who set that up and super thanks to Sodaville Evangelical for lending us some trays.
  • The load in/load out is getting smoother; we’ve got more trunks and carts being built and adjusted and ramps and everything.  There are quite a few guys working on these – it’s great to see their talents being used in such an important way!
  • Sermon was on the cross today.  Portrayed the severity of the torture and related it to the deep love that God felt.  Received some super encouragement from a friend – said we should get them on the radio!  That’s humbling for me.  I love when something that I pour myself into ministers to people.  I’m just the guy with the Canadian accent, but God’s spirit seems to use my voice!
  • One thing I’m hearing a lot is that people are feeling inspired and encouraged by the sermons.  Already I’ve preached a thorough Christology and (today) on the atonement.  I really believe sound doctrine is encouraging to people, it just doesn’t have to be presented like its such a drag.  Doctrine is a riot!
  • On that note, the sermon recording is lost in limbo somewhere on my hard-drive.  We’ll get it up as soon as we can, but it might take some work to figure it out.
  • The kids ministry is really a highlight of the Grove.  They are getting their systems working well – I love seeing so many kids!  God is trusting us with a huge responsibility!
  • Another great thing (can you tell we had a stellar day!) I noticed is how much is going on that I don’t have my hands on.  We have an incredibly empowered community.  I always love to reflect on this because it is a living out of what The Grove believes about the Scripture and the gospel.  This church is not one with bossy leaders who want people to get on board with them.  Rather, we have loving leaders who want to support the congregation as it grabs onto what God has for her!  In our system, the pastors are the servants and the members are empowered to be ministers and missionaries!
  • Finally, the band killed it today!  I love that moment when the songs end, but the worship continues!  It happened a couple times today, and it makes me love this church!
  • Good week upcoming.  I’m posting two book reviews and revamping my study schedule to work more effectively.  I’m also the new head coach of LJ’s K-1 basketball team; at practice this week we’ll work on putting the ball into the hoop.  Then we’ll work on scoring on the right hoop.

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