The Grove Launches!

What an amazing day!  On Sunday, October 4th, The Grove Church launched in North Albany, Oregon.  A year ago, this church was a dream and a prayer that fit on just 4 pages (one of which was just a printed out map!).

This Sunday, The Grove was a church with 224 people joining in!  We set up chairs and kept about 50 extra at the back on a rack.  It was amazing to see the guys at the back panicking because we were running out of extra chairs!  We had three preview services in August and September with 160, 198 and 175 in attendance.

Now we aren’t all about numbers, but we are noticing that our brand new church is not experiencing the big numbers at the start that drop off after the launch.  God is doing something great!

Now we aren’t all about numbers, but we are absolutely celebrating that two people marked their cards this past week that they wanted to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Now we aren’t all about numbers, but we are rejoicing that we have to send out 10 letters to first time guests every time we’ve gathered at the middle school.  That’s 30 people/couples/families who had no previous connection to The Grove who are hoping to find meaningful connections to God and others through this brand new church.

Now we aren’t all about numbers, but we are super amped that, this week, after the first official launch of the Grove, we are sending out 6 letters to people/couples/families who have visited the Grove for a second time.  They found their first visit to be relevant and meaningful to their lives so they have felt compelled to continue to join The Grove and experience what God is doing there.

Now we aren’t all about numbers, but those numbers are real live people! People we have been praying for all year long.  What began as a small 4 page dream and prayer is growing to be a huge movement of God!

Thanks to all who have served, who have prayed, who have supported The Grove since the start.  Please continue to do so!  We are praying that there are even bigger things that God wants to do in North Albany and through The Grove Church!


2 thoughts on “The Grove Launches!

  1. You aren’t about numbers, but at least two people didn’t make it to church because I had the flu. Hope to add the number two to next week.


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