MMC – September 8, 2009

weekend in review: Had a fantastic weekend.  Lots of different things are coming online really quickly for The Grove.  I’m really amped.  Lots of people are participating in BIG ways.

on my list this week: Tons.  All the little details are not only having to be done, but they are having to be created.  At the end of every day I dream of when The Grove is up and running.  I also told someone this week that the next time a pastor whines to me about anything I’m going to ask him if his church owns a building.  If the answer is yes

current books: Surprised by Hope, by NT Wright. I’m also going to do a bunch more of reading through the message this week.

current writing: sermons, systems and emails. We’re trying to have written down everything we are doing so that it goes smoothly.

culture that’s caught me: People are going hognuts over the president.  As a non-citizen, I think I don’t get as passionate about it all.  It is interesting to see how comedy can unite people though.  People for the preseident and against him are both laughing at this video.  It’s great.

how i’m feeling about this week: my heart is racing because of the preview this weekend and I have a headache from tearing up this morning when I dropped off LJ.  It’s going to be such an aawesome week.

quote for the week: “Or did I?”, “Or am I?” – Kevin Jonas

running report: none. But I will someday…


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