MMC – Augustt 31, 2009

weekend in review: well, this didn’t get up until Tuesday. I am having terrible computer problems – it’s pretty frustrating.

However, the weekend was great. We had the Grove commissioning service. It was funny how many people said, “Big Day!” to me. My mind is so on September already, and even October that I wasn’t thinking that much about August. At the same time, I did stay up till 4:30 polishing my little ten-minute talk. It went off really well. I even got to make fun of the haters! I so need that “I heart haters” tee that we saw last month.

I think from the weekend I feel very affirmed by the Holy Spirit in what we are doing. I know that sounds weird to most people, but I really feel assured that God is going before us and that we are simply following.

On a shallower note, I watched m.Night’s “The Happening” late on Sunday. 2 hours I will never get back. It’s totally just “An Inconvenient Truth” with more suicides. Not his best work.

on my list this week: A lot of administration. I also have another coaching session with Nelson Searcy and Darrell. So, I have to get homework done for that. Apparently I am also destined to spend oodles of time working with tech support from India. I love India. I hope someday I get to visit there.

current books: Surprised by Hope, by NT Wright. I finished off Crazy Love really quickly. I’ll have to post on it here.

current writing: sermons and emails. I spend more time every day communicating as a church planter than anything else. IT’S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE!

culture that’s caught me: There’s some interesting discussion on worship music over at my friend Colby’s blog. Check it out.

how i’m feeling about this week: great – taking care of details so we can rock on Sept. 13th!

quote for the week: “Britney Spears graduated high school – did you?” ~me, winning an argument with an 8 yr. old girl

running report: none. But I will someday…


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