MMC – August 24, 2009

weekend in review: Other than my softball team’s loss in extra innings of our playoff game... !What a stellar week and weekend! Had plenty of big meetings and planning sessions, got a trip to the coast in – you haven’t lived till you build a sand castle that will fly your kite for you – and had the first Grove Church preview service. Really, a great moment to be a part of. All the people who had roles to fill did a stellar job. Big props to the first impressions squad, the Grove Band, and the Grove Kids leaders. This service was at SACC in the afternoon so that many of the SACC people who are so faithfully and generously supporting the Grove could be a part of it. Especially cool was having a couple former church planters there who are now in their 80’s (or more?!?) – one of whom was a part of planting SACC about 50 years ago.

Also finalized a few more details on the Grove’s meeting place – North Albany Middle School. They school is being super with us. Fantastic administration and staff at NAMS!


on my list this week: Tomorrow we do some follow up. We’ve got two big meetings this week for the Grove, Tuesday a Launch Team Assemble and Thursday a Hub Leaders Meet-up. I have to get 5 Trustees together by Thursday! Also, I’m setting up a couple visits with people who checked out the Grove and are looking to be a part of what’s going on. Of first priority for me though is finishing my sermon for the September 13th service. I’m going to follow the pattern that Andy Stanley does, writing three weeks out and letting things marinade – it’ll be so much more of a blessing for the great people I get to speak to on Sunday mornings.

current books: I’m in the middle of Crazy Love by Francis Chan and absolutely loving it. I’m also attempting Blaise Pascal’s Penses (an abridged version), but he dissed Rene Descartes for no good reason and that made me made enough to quit reading his little book.

current writing: this week, a sermon on God’s Voice and the call he puts on lives.

culture that’s caught me: There is a transgender performer on America’s Best Dance Crew. That show has been a hit with my kids – we love having dances in our living room. Now I have to figure out how early to have that conversation with them…

how i’m feeling about this week: good good good. My mantra last week, was, let’s just get to next week. Now we’re there and have lot’s to set-up and order to do our first on-site service at NAMS in 3 weeks.

quote for the week: “I really like ESPN the Mag! They write good articles.” ~ My perfect wife Heather!

running report: plantar facitis. it sucks. but it is getting better slowly. I think I’ll be able to start running again when it’s rainy.