Mancini, Church Unique 4: Advancing Vision

The fourth section of Church Unique concerns the movement from articulation to real-live traction of the church.  Getting the church moving in a unified direction and daily delivering vision to people.  The church must be strongly opposed to status quo because of such a heartfelt commitment to the vision.

  • p.219, “If your church is more than four hundred people, I would caution against hiring a person without the demonstrated spiritual gift of leadership…To assist you in discerning this gift, look for the traits identified by Russ Robinson and Bill Donahue: (1) a strategic orientation, (2) conceptual thinking, (3) intellectual curiosity, and (4) others-focused mind-set.”
  • p.231, quoting Bruce Wesley, “Religious people have preferences; missional people have stories.”  [this quote has become manta-ish for me!]

pages read= 235 ~ year to date= 4453 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (49%)


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