Mancini, Church Unique 2: Clarifying Vision

The second section of Church Unique leads into the movement from task focus to contribution focus.  Helping people see they are doing more than making bricks; they are building a beautiful cathedral!  Mancini walks through the ways to discover God-given vision and how to navigate the discovery process.

Here’s some of my highlights:

  • p. 55, Mancini begins the section by building a case for clarity in a leader.  He quotes Marcus Buckingham, “By far the most effective way to turn fear into confidence is to be clear; to define the future in such vivid terms, through your actions, words, images, pictures, heroes, and scores that we can all see where you, and thus we, are headed.”
  • p.56, Then, four clarity gaps are identified: between a leader’s perception and reality, between what the leader is thinking and what the leader is saying, between the leader’s words and how the followers receive the leader’s words, & between the followers’ understanding and the words they use to communicate their understanding. (btw, for the most thorough treatment of this subject read Gangel’s ‘Communication and Conflict Management in Churches and Christian Organizations‘)
  • p. 85, Kingdom Concept = intersection of the local predicament, the collective potential and the apostolic esprit.

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