MMC June 13, 2009

weekend in review: I had a fab weekend.  Highlight had to be hanging out with Grovers last night, talking dreams and talking about REAL live church ministries that are filling out and happening.  The Grove Band is premeiring at Annual Conference on Tuesday night this year, which we are looking forward to.

Also had fun refinishing Chris’ furniture for his new place up in Seattle.  I fixed a sketchy looking extension cord and using paint thinner to get silver spray paint off Khobi’s hand.

on my list this week: My first softball game with my own glove is tonight.  I don’t know why it’s called softball, it’s kinda hard.  Also, my folks are coming to town late on Friday night.  I’m pretty amped for it, we’ll have a lot of fun with the grandparents.

current books: I’ve got just a few pages left of brother Lawrence and then Sweet’s 11.  Then I think I’ll do more summertime fiction.  Maybe.

current writing: helping to work on a co-teaching for annual conference Tuesday night with Pastor John.

culture that’s caught me: This is fun.

how i’m feeling about this week: Really great.  This afternoon I am meeting with the new youth pastor for the Grove, Aaron.  He’s absolutely outstanding.  Seriously, I want him to be the Grove’s youth leader because soon L.J. will be looking for a mentor and Aaron is what I hope L.J. will become like.  I’m going to bequeath Aaron a bunch of books this afternoon and then he’s gonna help me throw a softball better.

quote for the week: “You become like what you worship” ~ Driscoll @ Advance ’09

running report: I ran last week.  So freeing!  I will have to do this again.


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