Frost and Hirsch, ReJesus

When I did my church planting assessment (before they were positive, encouraging, affirmations, 😉 it was recommended that I eat up as much Frost and Hirsch as possible.  So, because of my addiction to being awesome, I have read as much of them as I can handle and find them really encouraging and provoking.

This new book, ReJesus: A wild messiah for a missional church, was only ‘alright’.  For me, since I’ve read a lot over the years, there wasn’t a lot of brand spanking new material.  At times, it even seemed like a summary of other books condensed into a single volume; there were far too many quotes!  I did like the book, though I thought it would be really great to someone new to the emerging/missional conversation.  For me, there wasn’t a plethora of new information, but if its goal was to present Jesus as central to the emerging/missional conversation (like it sort-of claims on page 6) then it was a successful book.

I’m not gonna post my highlights, because so many of them are taken from quotes from other people.  Bummer.  If you are wondering if you should read this, I’d ask what exactly are you looking for, and I’d point you to a book that ReJesus used for quotes.

pages read= 196 ~ year to date= 4218 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (47%)


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