Rice, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

I was at Goodwill looking for a baseball glove when I saw a used copy of Ann Rice’s book, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt on the shelf for just 3 bucks.  Apparently, Ann Rice got famous writting vampire books and now she’s written a couple fiction books imagining what life was like growing up as Jesus.  Of course, you can through some controversy at that situation and it’s gonna stick, but I love me a little controversy!

I ended up loving this book!  It takes a lot of history and context and makes it come alive.  It has a really unique look at it.  I love when fiction books imagine what it may have looked like when Jesus was a child, it makes Jesus so much more human and divine for me.

I didn’t underline any particular passages becuase Rice isn’t trying to create a doctrinal statement.  Out of Egypt is what it is:  a story about Jesus as a real live young boy who is trying to understand who he is by understanding who and where he came from.  I would totally recomment this book to anyone, and I just ordered the next one in the series from amazon!

pages read= 321 ~ year to date= 4022 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (45%)


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