MMC – July 6, 2009

weekend in review: July! – awesome!  This weekend I celebrated 10 years of being married to the indescribable Heather!!  What a wild trip it has been – who would have thought we’d be where we are, doing what we do, with 2 amazing kids – our lives continue to be a testament to God’s provision and grace, which is exactly what we pray.

We also spent time with family this weekend, and with awesome friends – in a neighborhood where fireworks are taken very seriously!  I’ve been and am currently sick because of what went around on the missions trip so I was a little fuzzy the whole weekend, but I do remember the fireworks landing on me!!

Probably the other best highlight of my weekend was playing catch with LJ.  He’s gotten ahold of his uncle Chris’ old kids-sized baseball glove and we played catch with a regular hard baseball.  It was like I was re-living memories with my Dad  – what an awesome privilege to be a dad – I love every moment of it!

on my list this week: I am now solely focused on planting the Grove, so I have a “to-do” list of 21 things I wrote up this morning.  When I get those done, I am going to catch up on reading through the Bible.  I’ve not been on track with that lately.

current books: I’ve finished 3 books that I need to blog out.  Right now I am only reading Leonard Sweet’s book on friendships called 11.  It’s nice.

current writing: lots of little things, nothing too big.

culture that’s caught me: I got my GQ mag in the mail this past week and I was beside myself with embarrasment because they put that Sasha Baron Cohen buy on the front naked and hadseveral pages dedicated to advice from him.  It was a total sell-out.  I get GQ because I really enjoy fashion and this was just stupid.  It’s time to renew my subscription and I’m not gonna bother.  Losers.

how i’m feeling about this week: Awesome.  I get to play softball tonight!

quote for the week: “So what is the Grove?” ~ by about 100 people on Saturday morning!!

running report: I haven’t ran in a month.  Having an exercise habit when running a youth ministry and planting a church is difficult.  I will have to be more intentional.


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