Are the questions more important than the answers?


MMC – June 8, 20009

weekend in review: Good times this weekend – did the regular pattern of graduation parties.  As God has grown the youth ministry here at SACC, I have more and more parties to be at.  This weekend I actually missed one because I was at others.  I felt bad about it, but its a great problem to have.

Also had the final meeting for the Vancouver missions team – we’ve got a great group of kids this year.  It should be great for what may be my last.

on my list this week: I have a long list, stuff every night and I’m preaching this week.  Should be a great week.

current books: Still reading ReJesus (close to finishing, it’s not been a lot of newness for me) and Brother Lawrence too (just 10 more pages). Finished up Church Unique, so I’ll blog it here.  Can’t wait to pound out ReJesus, it’s feeling tedious.

current writing: The Grove’s website and a sermon.

culture that’s caught me: This interview with the author of The Shack, W. Paul Young, is outstanding.  It’s from Canadian television, so its a bit different culturally for my American friends.

how i’m feeling about this week: Pretty good.  St. Theresa’s Prayer was on a friend’s blog this morning and it’s ministering to me in a great way.  Gotta love good saints with good prayers.

quote for the week: double dose!:

  • I’m a Canadian, not a Republican.” ~W. Paul Young, author of The Shack, answering if he considers himself a Christian
  • Martin Luther King didn’t coach t-ball; neither did Ghandi. Start a revolution if you want, but that’s not a price that I’m willing to pay.” ~Tony Jones

running report: after two weeks of a break, which sucked, I got back out this morning.  It’s so good for me to run.  It feels so good to be out and alone and just drive out miles.  I am loving running because of what it gives me.  I’m turning into an addict.

MMC – June 1, 2009

weekend in review: I am amazed it’s June!  Had a blast of a weekend – taking care of all sorts of busy work this past weekend, websites and details.  They are bogging me down, so it’s great to get away from them.  The Grove got an address and a phone number and it’s website is just waiting a couple details, then we’ll be ready for publicity trimester!

I decided that I’m gonna switch this blog over to a new one for pastoring the Grove on July 1.  I’m feeling change in the air, and I figured this would be a good time to get a new blog too.

I published a book.  It’s on, self-published.  Don’t buy it.  If you’re interested I can get you the content for free.  I just thought it was fun to do that.

Had a stellar Grove Launch Team meeting last night.  Prayed together for a super long time.  Aaron led an excellent concert of prayer, especially for his first time leading that.  I can’t wait to see the kingdom expand through the Grove!

on my list this week: Graduations, graduation parties, and (sigh) details.  we are into the grind part of planting a church.  I can’t wait to get to the part where people start getting saved.

current books: Still reading ReJesus (close to finishing) and Brother Lawrence too. Finished up Church Unique, so I’ll blog it here this week.  Can’t wait to pound out ReJesus, it’s feeling tedious.

current writing: systems for the Grove.  Details for the missions trip.

culture that’s caught me: MTV – they’ve lost their ability to know what the front edge of culture is.  They just reach straight for the offensive jar.  They aren’t pushing culture, they are pushing offense.  It’s sad.

how i’m feeling about this week: Good.  I need to get back out in my sneakers though.

quote for the week:The Christian is a Holy rebel loose in the world with access to the throne of God.  Satan never knows from where the danger will come.” ~Tozer

running report: only 1.9 miles last week.  weak sauce.  gotta get it together.