pour out, pour in

I’ve noticed that I’m not blogging as frequently and was trying to figure it out. Here’s what I can come up with:
It appears my blog is a pour out – meaning, I take things that are poured in to me (like books, culture, people, etc.) and I pour out for whoever reads these.

Right now, I am pouring out a lot. I am spending a lot of what is poured into me into the transitions at South, the new church plant, a couple side projects (top secret!) and into people who are rising as leaders. So, while I am still pouring in (Brother Lawrence shook me to the core this morning), my pouring out is not taking place here.

I do anticipate a return though, because I love blogging just for the way it becomes a way for me to pour into others. So, I will return, just maybe not as frequently.


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