MMC – May 18, 2009

weekend in review: It’s Victoria Day today, so I’ll spend more time and energy praying for the Queen than regular days (And yes, I pray for the Queen of England almost everyday and also for the future King – you don’t?). The weekend was fabulous too! Friday we helped out some friends by caring for their kids, taking them to the park. I love being a part of a group of people that “does life together” – these friends have done the same for us, and we love being the village that’s raising our kids together. It sounds like we are hippies, but, hey – we’re left coasters! Friday night the kids slept over at Grammi’s so we got to go to Starbucks, waste time driving around and see Wolverine, It was awesome. I love the questions that the mutant-human relationship bring up in my mind.
Then on Saturday we hosted a spiritual gifts workshop for Grove launch team members. It went really well and the participants really appreciated it. Then I spent Saturday night doing prep work for Sunday.
Sunday morning I preached in both services at SACC. It went well, I avoided saying, “whore bread”, even though I thought it. Think that’s weird/offensive? You can listen to it online if you want to get it… Then after lunch we did an extended team building/vision growing meeting with the Vancouver missions trip team. We’re leaving one month from now and the details are coming together well, I appreciate God’s work behind the scenes in that.

on my list this week: I’ve got a whole night of meetings today and then more preparation work this week. Lots going on, so it’s easy to fill the day.

current books: Still reading ReJesus (close to finishing) and Brother Lawrence too. Also started Church Unique by Will Mancini. I should finish this today.

current writing: nothing…

culture that’s caught me: The details involved in being a non-profit organization is amazing. The history of the 501.c.3 in America is interesting and would probably change the thoughts of many church leaders.

how i’m feeling about this week: Great! Getting back into the running habit and the hole where my tooth was is finally going away.

quote for the week: “Burt Reynolds? Where did you come from?” ~Will Ferrell was on SNL’s season finale this week and they brought out the Jeopardy sketch. I laughed so much!

running report: ran zero this week because of getting my wisdom tooth out. getting back out this afternoon.


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