Give the Offering

So, last Sunday Forest Pointe Church (which meets at the YMCA in Belmont, N.C.) decided to give away an offering instead of taking an offering.  Here’s what their website says:

On Sunday May 10th we at Forest Pointe Church in Belmont, NC displayed the love of Christ in a radical manner. Rather than take up an offering from the congregation, we, the church GAVE an offering to the congregation. Rather than do the expected, we chose the UNEXPECTED. Rather than talk about love, we reflected the LOVE of CHRIST.

The usual offering Forest Pointe receives in two services averages $16,000 weekly. So, we chose to give $16,000 back and not receive an offering! The only catch… we asked those receiving the money to agree to the following:

1. Can’t give it back to the church.
2. You can’t keep it, you must bless someone else with it.
3. You have to tell your story.

Our desire is to infect the community and beyond with the radical, life changing, heart transforming LOVE of CHRIST.

You HAVE to go and read the stories that people wrote after using their money. It’s outstanding! The church is the church!!


One thought on “Give the Offering

  1. What an awesome idea! I just read all the stories…very cool! Locking that in my memory for possible future stuff!


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