McKnight, A Community Called Atonement 4

The final section of A Community Called Atonement brings the atonement into a missional framework.  McKnight works of the Scripture that calls Christians to be ambassadors of reconciliation and calls all followers of God to spread the atonement after they have experienced it.

“Atonement is something done not only by God for us but also something we do with God for others…God provides atonement in order to create a fellowship of persons who love God and love others, who find healing for the self, and who care about the world.”

There is a daring discussion on the different definitions of liberty and justice that occur between Christianity and Americanism.  During the recent series on Jubilee at South Albany, this has been a challenge to communicate, not helped at all by the strong and often polarized political views many people currently hold.  The American church is at a time in its history (and it’s not the first time!) when it is having to rethink its relationship with culture and politics.  How we define justice is a large part of that discussion.

And as if that isn’t enough, McKnight spends some time discussing wether the church owns the Bible or the Bible owns the church.  It’s an interesting thought, one which seems to have different answers depending on how much history one considers.

So, finally, I thought this book was so amazing that I broke it into 4 different blog posts.  McKnight went so far beyond my expectations – and this book has become instrumental in the growth of my thinking on the atonement!

pages read= 170 ~ year to date= 3701 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (41%)


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