MMC – May 11, 2009

weekend in review: Had a wonderful weekend.  Sunday afternoon was a blast as the kids and I planned a mother’s day out surprise for Heather and then LJ started to ride his bike completely on his own.  He hasn’t had that big wipeout yet, where he gets cut and bleeds.  I’m hoping he does soon so he can learn early and often to keep getting back up when He crashes.  Bikes are wonderful for teaching that life lesson.  For me, it was a bike, a curb, spokes, my head minus a helmet and a visit to the hospital that taught me.

on my list this week: Preaching this weekend on Mark 6:30-44.  Interesting stuff, so all my spare time will be dedicated there.  Also working towards the Grove spiritual gifts workship this saturday for the launch team members.  We’ve got 120 people on the launch team, so this stuff is important.

current books: Still reading ReJesus (close to finishing) and Brother Lawrence too.  Also started Church Unique by Will Mancini.  It’s really really good.  I’m loving the way he just gives it straight!

current writing: a teaching for the weekend.

culture that’s caught me: Dana White is doing a lot of publicity for the UFC, interesting that he considers their reality show to be the best thing they’ve got going for them.

how i’m feeling about this week: Fantastic.  Hoping my tooth hole heals up.

quote for the week: “You’re tired?!? Then give me a push, I’m GOING!”

running report: ran zero this week because of getting my wisdom tooth out. not sure how much I’ll get out this week. Hampering my hopes for the 5 mile trail run at the end of this month.


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