MMC – May 4, 2009

weekend in review: this weekend I preached and it was a sermon that just didn’t come together as smoothly as I would have liked.  I had to put the dang thing in a headlock and make it tap out before I could preach it.  So my weekend was dominated by preaching preparation.

on my list this week: This afternoon I’m gonna get my last wisdom tooth out.  So, supper tonight will likely suck.  I have no meetings on tap, just a few tasks that I want to grind out.  Gonna be praying for my friend Aaron too.  He’s going to Africa today and will spend the month in Ghana.  It should be a great growing experience for him.

current books: I read Scot mcKnight’s, A Community Called Atonement.  It was fabulous.  Still reading ReJesus and Brother Lawrence too.  Also started Church Unique by Will Mancini.  It’s good so far, but I’m only in the critique part so I’m going to keep going to see some real suggestions in the latter parts of the book.

current writing: not much this week, preliminary work on my sermon two weeks from now.

culture that’s caught me: Does anyone know why Jonas Brothers have a show?  Is it a contract issue?  It seems Disney is working backwards on this one?  I have also seen that Disney has become a partner in the David Archeleta business.  So, maybe Disney is working with multiple models for artist development business.  What does the church need to learn from that!?!

Also, Driscoll referenced the Michael Scott Paper Company in his sermon this weekend.  It was a great example of using culture as a connecting tool in preaching.  The cultural references a preacher uses will decide wwhat generation connects to his preaching.  Pastors need to ask where their examples come from and how connected is the desired audience to their references.  This is a whole other post though…

how i’m feeling about this week: Great.  This week I have no impending deadlines, so it’s a week where I get to work toward goals instead of putting out fires.

quote for the week: “I’m not watching Jonas Brothers on my own, I’m watching it so that I can talk with LJ about it.  It’s not like I like it…”

running report: put in 9.2 miles this week – took Lj on one run, it was fun to watch him work so hard and push himself (He thrives in challenges, which is part of the reason he’s slacking off in kindergarten…).  I ran over the bridges into north albany, which has been a goal of mine for a while.  It was really fun, sore muscles at the end, but no joint pain and no shin pain!


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