Tuesday Afternoon Check-In: April 28, 2009

The check-in had to wait until Tuesday this week, I’ve been a little ill and trying to crank out a report that ended up being 43 pages long…

weekend in review: Had a fantastic weekend. The bummer was Heather being ill, but the kids and I managed with the help of our friend the microwave. Saturday morning I ran in a 5K race. Sunday was a great day too. Pretty basic, low key weekend.

What did happen that was exciting was my graduation from PESM! Sunday night I received my M.Min. degree, along with all its privileges and responsibilities. My awesome friends who could make it came up too and we had a super fun meal at some restaurant too. Easily a highlight memory for me.

on my list this week: This week I have generated a 43 page report and am going to be presenting in on Thursday to a board in Portland. Also, I’m preaching Sunday, which means an extra 20 hours of study this week. Good stuff.

current books: Working through ReJesus by Hirsch, it just hasn’t lit it up for me yet. Not sure what I need to do with it yet, it kinda feels like he’s saying things I already think so there’s not as much challenge there as I had hoped for…I should just get back to Twilight books. Also reading Brother Lawrence in the car. It is STUNNINGLY good.

current writing: Cranked out that report, now I am writing a sermon.

culture that’s caught me: There are 6 cases of swine flu in Canada. They are calling that a pandemic. Thank Jesus for the news because we simply wouldn’t know what to do without them.
Changing subjects – looking forward to watching the show I DVR’d – the French finance minister was on Charlie Rose last night. France gave stimulus money to banks just like America did, but they did a much better job than America did for two reasons. First, they admitted they were being socialist, where America pretends not to be. Seondly, when they gave stimulus money to the banks they bought shares and were able to fire the executives that ran the industry into the ground, unlike America, who didn’t structure their bail-outs in a way to give them any future influence.

how i’m feeling about this week: I am going to be presenting the Grove to the Board of Church Extension. That’s a riot. The real highlight of my week though is the release of Wolverine this weekend. I have got to be there. Oh, yeah, and I’m preaching Sunday!

quote for the week: “you play mafia wars!?!” ~like everyone…

running report: I ran in a 5K and did it in 25′59″44. That is under 26 minutes!! There was no mile marker until the second mile though, so i ran my first two miles at an 8 minute pace and then slowed down to run the last 1.1 mile in 10 minutes. Great race though, I came 58th overall! All together I ran 8.7 miles, my biggest week so far!


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