MMC – April 20, 2009

weekend in review: Fun week. I kinda hit a wall on Wednesday, but then refocused my priorities and did really well for the latter half of the week. I did, however, pull a muscle in my diaphragm. That sucked. Luckily, it only hurt when i breathed! That put a dent in my running and driving up and down I-5, flared up my shin splints too. Kinda a sucky week health wise.
However, on Friday I did do my ordination doctrine oral exam and rocked it. By God’s grace I was really comfortable and just allowed myself to be myself. I struggled to be clear with my doctrine of the Holy Spirit, which troubled me, so I was glad when the board recommended a book for me to read to help me in that area. That’ll get ordered today.
Finally, on Sunday I had a round of great meetings, I think we had an A-HA moment with the missions trip team after a team builder activity and then the Grove Team Assemble in the evening was fantastic. The Grove is truly (and this is real, not pastor mumbo-jumbo), truly a church that is being planted by people. We are able to avoid the ‘rock-star’ style of planting because there are great people participating in the launch teams!

on my list this week: More admin for the missions trip and for the Grove launch this fall.  I also have my second 5-K on Saturday where I am aiming to be under 30 minutes, and then my graduation from PESM this Sunday.

current books: I don’t think I read much this week at all.  Just going through Brother Lawrence’s Presence, and working through reJesus by Frost and Hirsch.  I’m putting off Obama’s book till after that.

current writing: Reports.  It’s McHorrible.

culture that’s caught me: We saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D on Saturday night.  It was fun, I’d never been to a 3-d movie before.  It made me wonder why all movies aren’t in 3-D?

how i’m feeling about this week: I am super excited for my race on Saturday.  There is rain in the forecast, but that’s fine, I’m Oregonian.

quote for the week: “If you give like a man this will be a steak and lobster church!” ~the Grove’s visiting televangelist

running report: becasue of the pulled diaphragm limiting my breathing skills I only got to run once.  I hated that.  So, gonna get more miles cranked out this week!  I am already past my 2008 total mileage though!!


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