Meyers, New Moon

I read the second of the Twilight books right after the first. So, I may as well admit that I am going to read all four of them. I liked this one too. Of course it was a little mushy at parts so I did skim a bit so I could get back to the vampires and werewolves battling it out.

It was such a refreshing read because it was so casual and non-committal. I am getting my love for reading back!

pages read= 563 ~ year to date= 3531 ~ 2009 goal=9,000 ~ (39%)


2 thoughts on “Meyers, New Moon

  1. The fact that you are enjoying the books for some reason is really amusing to me, I liked them until end of book three when the characters became inconsistent/my other issues with the plot and I quit reading them.

    But what I mainly wanted to say is that a few of your links need updated, I think the main thing is Scot McKnight’s “Jesus Creed” moved to a different site.


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