Monday morning check-in April 13, 2009

weekend in review: it was Easter.  It was great fun, but nothing unusual for me.

on my list this week: Budgets, meetings, preparation, finding a meeting place for the Grove and my ordination doctrinal oral exam this Friday morning.

current books: Finished off the first two twilight books and a leadership book last week.  I think I’m gonna go through some books and finish a few up that have been started but not finished.  I also want to read Obama’s Audacity of Hope

current writing: Thinking about starting to outline and process my book ideas.  It’s weird to move into this chapter of my life.

culture that’s caught me: I had a thought that every couple years churches should rent out a different space so that their members remember what it is like to be a new person who doesn’t know where everything is.  It would be a good learning experience for a lot of churches.

how i’m feeling about this week: Great, feels so good to have a flurry of activity behind me and better focus on the weeks ahead.  A bit nervous about Friday’s interview, but that’s silliness.

quote for the week: “Do all youth pastors have goatees?” ~my new dental hygenist

running report: Did my first run with no tape and felt pretty good.  Pain at 13 minutes though so I slowed way down to make it home.  I’m putting in 2 or 2.5 miles without tape now, with no pain.  Anyways, did like 4 or 5 miles last week.  Ran thins morning, but that counts for next week.  Next big race is April 25th, where I’m gonna hope to beat 28 or 27 minutes on a 5K.


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