Lent Redux

At the beginning of the year I set some goals for myself for the year, for reading, running, fitness and just general accomplishments.  Now, in the 4th month of the year I’m deciding to cut those goals in half.  If I were to push through and accomplish the goals for the sake of the task – I would suck at it, destroy the point and destroy myself. 

Really, there are constantly two parts of me that are always fighting – the task achiever and the better half.  Lately, the task achiever has been taking up too much of me, resulting in spacey feelings, stressed out leadership and general suckiness for my family.  So, as you can see, changing the goals is the best decision I can make. 

Let’s just say i gave up acomplishments for lent.

It feels so good.

 2009 goals and the changes:

Finish my master’s program.  DONE THE WORK
Get Ordained.  DONE THE WORK
Lead a new church plant.  I HAVE AN AMAZING TEAM
Learn to hug.  Or not.  Whatever.  IN PROCESS
3,000 push ups and sit ups.  CHANGED TO 1,500
Run 365 miles.  CHANGED TO 183
Run a couple races.  DONE ONE, REGISTERED FOR MORE
Read 18,250 pages of books. CHANGED TO 9,000
Read through the Bible.  IN PROCESS
Give away even more than we did last year.  (secretly, this is my favorite one!)  IN PROCESS


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