Post Christendom America

An interesting article from Newsweek about Christianity and America. the main thrust is that the northeast has replaced the northwest as the most concentrated number of people who claim no religious affiliation.

So, great job Pacific churches – apparently we’re no longer the worst!?!

I have to believe the shift will be much different in its expression of irreligiousness as well. The Northeast is well populated and people are more conventional, while the Pacific Northwest is rebellious and independent. So, likely, there would seem to be different motivations for the lack of religion. I wonder what percentage of people still consider themselves spiritual in both areas; if I had to guess I’d say that prize would still go the the Pacific Northwest, but who knows?

Another great line in the article allows for the decline, but not the impending death of the Christian church in America. While the role and the cultural leadership given to the church has been and will continue to decline, the church itself will not be stamped out in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Post Christendom America

  1. I actually read most of the article, even though I thought there was a huge focus on right wing evangelicals and their diminishing impact on the Republican party…which I’m okay with. I’m not sure Christianity has any place in politics. Everyone is so used to hearing Christians tell them what they can and can’t do that any sort of message that people intend to be implemented along with laws against abortion and gay marriage get completely lost or garbled. Hopefully this diminishing political influence will only emphasize the importance of establishing healthy, spiritual, genuine relationships to the spread of the Gospel. (And I totally sound like I’ve been in school for too long here. đŸ˜› )


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