Tait joins Newsboys

The last remaining original Newsboy, Peter Furler, has decided to call it quits.  His replacement will be DC Talk’s Michael Tait.  Interesting story, you can check it out at the Newsboys website.


One thought on “Tait joins Newsboys

  1. If I made a bottom five bands of all time, this would be a blending of two of them. I am already risking being excommunicated so I won’t mention the others. But I find it easy to believe that KLOVE will be the background music station in hell…


    get a good nights rest before the race. If it rains, enjoy it! And the most important advice for any race of any length: don’t try anything new before or during the race; don’t eat anything you haven’t had before, drink anything you haven’t had before, wear anything you haven’t worn before, etc. If they have free stuff at the race, try it after the race if you haven’t tried it before. I know what you are saying: “Dude, this is my first race!” Okay, don’t do anything you haven’t done already in training (including pace). Runners bleed from strange places and I won’t even mention digestive issues.

    Have fun and laugh at the people that get irritated at the small stuff (runners are notorious whiners).


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