Keel, Intuitive Leadership

I started Tim Keel’s book, Intuitive Leadership, last year for Lent but was overcome my PESM homework.  I learned that, for me at this point in my life, Lend can’t be a time when I add to my life.  It’s already full of study and assignments.  Previously, I had written blogs about just 6 or so pages from the book.  I was reading really reflectively, which is something I am not doing this year.  You can read my previous thoughts  here.  In preparation for what I want to do next year, I am reading a lot, so it will need to be fast reading.

Anywho…the end of this book is really excellent.  It’s like McNeal’s, A Work of Heart and The Present Future applied in a leadership setting.  I did appreciate this book, but it was a little difficult to prod through.  Since it took me a year to get back to reading it, you can probably tell that.  Here’s some interesting quotes from the final pages I read:

  • p.177, quoting Rudolph Otto, “the word holy has devolved into a mere ethical category, a word describing a “perfectly moral will.”
  • p.195, quoting Richard Florida”Whether people made things or pushed paper, they filled prescribed slots: ‘Work, don’t think.’ Even if you had a high-order thinking job, you were paid to think only about certain things in certain ways.”
  • p.204, “They think and act locally, but their collective action produces global behavior.”
  • p.206, “…creativity is hard work…”
  • p.238, “In such a scenario [the chaos of revolution], you want to be with someone who has the ability to read the environment in a way that allows them (and you) to be adaptive and creative in keeping with what is happening.  To react decisively might limit you to a path that once chosen could prove disastrous if you cannot make adjustments.”

pages read= 96 ~ year to date=2290 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (12.5%)


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