MMC – March 2, 2009

weekend in review: Spent the majority of my free time reading, and spent the majority of my ‘sleeping’ time reading. It’s been rough. LJ also did a fantastic baseline spin move with an effective fake on Saturday morning. He’s like a 1/10 model of Shaq!

on my list this week: post-bootcamp admin, missions trip interviews and classes.

current books: ReJesus by Frost and Hirsch, and catching up on Bible reading commitments

current writing: Doctrinal Statements, procrastinated homework and some specifics for the church plant.

culture that’s caught me: The checkstand guy didn’t know what Matza bread was….and we claim to be a melting pot culture. hmmm…

question i’d ask God: What is with all the bad news you ran through the prophets? How about something cheery for a change? Rainbows, unicrons, ponies?

how i’m feeling about this week: One last time!

quote for the week: I think you’re under-reacting!” ~Spencer

running report: ran twice, then did homework instead of a third run. So, 4 miles.


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