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Yep, there probably won’t be any posts up here until April. I’ve got 4 major things going on right now, and that goes down to two on April 1st. So, then I’ll be back!

Tait joins Newsboys

The last remaining original Newsboy, Peter Furler, has decided to call it quits.  His replacement will be DC Talk’s Michael Tait.  Interesting story, you can check it out at the Newsboys website.

Keel, Intuitive Leadership

I started Tim Keel’s book, Intuitive Leadership, last year for Lent but was overcome my PESM homework.  I learned that, for me at this point in my life, Lend can’t be a time when I add to my life.  It’s already full of study and assignments.  Previously, I had written blogs about just 6 or so pages from the book.  I was reading really reflectively, which is something I am not doing this year.  You can read my previous thoughts  here.  In preparation for what I want to do next year, I am reading a lot, so it will need to be fast reading.

Anywho…the end of this book is really excellent.  It’s like McNeal’s, A Work of Heart and The Present Future applied in a leadership setting.  I did appreciate this book, but it was a little difficult to prod through.  Since it took me a year to get back to reading it, you can probably tell that.  Here’s some interesting quotes from the final pages I read:

  • p.177, quoting Rudolph Otto, “the word holy has devolved into a mere ethical category, a word describing a “perfectly moral will.”
  • p.195, quoting Richard Florida”Whether people made things or pushed paper, they filled prescribed slots: ‘Work, don’t think.’ Even if you had a high-order thinking job, you were paid to think only about certain things in certain ways.”
  • p.204, “They think and act locally, but their collective action produces global behavior.”
  • p.206, “…creativity is hard work…”
  • p.238, “In such a scenario [the chaos of revolution], you want to be with someone who has the ability to read the environment in a way that allows them (and you) to be adaptive and creative in keeping with what is happening.  To react decisively might limit you to a path that once chosen could prove disastrous if you cannot make adjustments.”

pages read= 96 ~ year to date=2290 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (12.5%)

Reading the Bible

Part of my reading commitment this year is to read through the Bible. Part of the commitment counted for my Old Testament class which I had to read through Esther, Psalms, Isaiah and Amos. So, that’s what I read so far. I’m reading it in my copy of The Message, a readable paraphrase by Eugene Peterson. Sometimes that makes it wordy, but it’s also fun.

I love reading the Bible in big chunks for the way that it opens up the whole narrative. It’s not just bits and pieces to use in proofs and theologies. I am also more able to see how seemingly disconnected stories really do fit together in interesting ways.

pages read= 1128 ~ year to date=2194 ~ 2009 goal=18,250 ~ (12%)

MMC: March 9, 2009

weekend in review: Nutty busy weekend but had a highlight of staying home on Friday! Then Saturday included the housework that I missed being away for my final school session. Then we got to go and watch LJ’s basketball game where he played his best ever, scoring twice and he actually shoved a kid’s hand out of his way so he could go to the basket. His aggressiveness shows his increasing comfort level, which is great! Then we did a family outing to Sonic in Salem with stops at Target, Petco and David’s Bridal.
Then on Sunday I did morning class, participated in the service, led a missions trip meeting, napped with Khobi and lead my small group in a discussion of end times theologies. You can guess which was my favorite!

on my list this week: publishing the leadership circles for the Grove, administrating the youth calendar and writing papers.

current books: ReJesus by Frost and Hirsch and finishing up Intuitive Leadership by Keel.

current writing: Doctrinal Statements and about 30 pages of papers to finish up my degree

culture that’s caught me: well, the new U2 album. More specifically, I have been fascinated by their marketing strategies. Interesting stuff.

question i’d ask God: Alright, so which is it = pre-mid-post? and pre-post-a?

how i’m feeling about this week: really good, lots of butt-in-chair work, but it feels so good to finish it off.

quote for the week:
“He can play. He can shoot. He can dribble. He can pass. He’s a great player. Period. No question about it. And if anyone thinks Dirk is not a great player, I’ll punch them in their face.” ~Shaq

running report: went to school and forgot my shoes, so I did one run of 3 miles, after I got home. Experiencing huge buildup in my ankle and it’s hurting all the way up my leg. Still, first race is this weekend!

Weekend Fun