Tuesday Morning Check-In: February 17, 2009

weekend in review: Fantastic weekend. We had a really fun Valentine’s as I preformed a wedding for Christeena and Robert. It’s been fun watching redemption happen in their lives, and how it will continue! On Sunday we had the first official Grove gathering to chat and dream and strategize and meet each other. There is a really unique energy in the room when you gather 45 people intent on mission!
Capped all that off with a dominant All Star performance from Shaq and I had a fabulous time!

on my list this week: all sorts of meetings and training!

current books: Celebration of Discipline, finished up New Kind of Christian for a third or fourth time.

current writing:
Doctrinal Statements still.

culture that’s caught me: Heather got me a new Foo Fighters album from 1996! It is so pleasing to my ears. Everytime I listen to FF I have the mixed emotions of wondering how much better rock would be if Kurt Cobain had found Jesus instead of killing himself and then I wonder if we’d even have FF if Nirvana kept on.
I’m also excited to read a new book about Canada which claims Canadians are the most fascinating people on earth!

question i’d ask God: where is the stuff i lost?

how i’m feeling about this week: pretty excited. The church plant training that is happening makes it so real. Its going to help us begin to form really what this church is going to be. I also have some coaching training for two days in PDX. Should be great also. On the other hand, this stuff is filling my whole calander and some patient people are having to wait for time with me until next week.

quote for the week: You’ve got to let the Bible be dirty! ~Anonymus College Grouper

running report:
ran two miles – knew it was too much after 1.5 miles, so this week gonna ease into it a little more. who knew two weeks off would wreck me!


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