Bill Gates at TED

TED is a conference that I would love to attend, but would be frustrated because I wouldn’t be able to remember as much as I wished I could. Instead, I watch TED online (welcome to the future)!

Today, I came across a new talk from Bill Gates (that i can’t embed because TED is not that progressive) that I thought was one of the most remarkable ever. He talks about malaria and education; citing these two issues that can most quickly and efficiently increase the quality of life in the world.

Interestingly, all of his suggested solutions leave the church out of the picture. I would think mobilizing willing servants would be key for his other goals.

Watch for the moment when he releases the mosquitos in the room. It’s quite possibly the most effective teaching strategy I have ever seen.


One thought on “Bill Gates at TED

  1. Thats a pretty informative lecture. I heard he released mosquitoes into the audiance before I watched it. I was kind of hoping it would be more dramatic. Like a visible swarm of them attacking the audiance while Bill gates laughed diabolically and the audience screamed in horror. ; )


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